Joanne has extensive experience working for 22 years as an occupational therapist throughout the public and private sector.  Her experience extends throughout the UK across a wide variety of physical and mental health settings.  She has enthusiasm, determination and passion in enabling individuals to live freer, independent lives. 


Joanne has worked with adults and children with a wide variety of disabilities, including; rheumatoid arthritis; osteoporosis; stroke; fractures; joint replacements; cancer; dementia; anxiety; and many other conditions causing functional and mobility problems.

Joanne has mostly worked in the community helping clients live independently at home through rehabilitation programmes, relaxation management, falls prevention programmes or fitting and practising activities with aids and adaptations. 


Joanne continues to support the NHS, auditing major trauma and ensuring the standards of patient care following major trauma are maintained to the highest standard. 


During studies for a Masters in Occupational Therapy she developed a keen interest in pain management and how disability affects quality of life and is now dedicated to developing services in understanding pain, fatigue and the rehabilitation process.