Aids/ adaptations

Finding assistive devices can be a bit of a minefield, there are not many services that will enable you to try before you buy, or you may be put on a long waiting list to be assessed for the type of equipment that you require.


Involve Occupational Therapy can complete a comprehensive home assessment looking at where you are having difficulty, recommend types of assistive device and provide guidance in where to access this equipment.

It is important not to buy aids and adaptations without getting the advice of a professional qualified to assess your needs first. There might be an alternative that would provide you with better support and assistance for what you require.  So, even if it's just a bit of advice you are looking for, please get in touch.

If you are looking to have extensive work done to your property it is important to choose builders/ companies that are reputable.  Please see the links page for recommended companies.

Tips for choosing and using aids/ adaptations

  • always use recommended tradesmen

  • always ensure equipment is fitted correctly and that a trained professional has taught you how to safely use equipment

  • choose what is right for you, not just what has been right for someone else

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