We're all going to fall at some point, it's inevitable.  But, there are ways to prevent falls from having devastating consequences, such as a broken hip, and there are ways to decrease the risk of falling.   Involve Occupational Therapy has worked extensively with clients over the years developing bespoke, evidence based falls prevention packages to suit clients needs.



Involve Occupational Therapy develops unique falls prevention packages tailored around your needs.  Included in this is a:

  • comprehensive home assessment

  • activities to improve balance and strength

  • assessment and recommendations for for aids and adaptations

  • confidence building

  • stress management and relaxation 

  • advice on how to cope if you suffer a fall

Please get in touch on the contact page if you feel this may be of benefit to you.

Tips on how to prevent falls:

Here are some general safety tips for reducing your risk of falls.  

  • keep floor clear of loose rugs, wires, or stuff, we all accumulate stuff, but it's important to keep it off the floor

  • exercise - particularly keeping strong and ensuring you have good balance

  • don't take too many medications - a local pharmacist can help you reduce your medication if you're worried.

  • get enough sleep

  • don't rush activities, take your time

  • take good care of your feet - regularly visit a podiatrist

  • wear good fitting shoes

  • keep rooms well lit

Falls prevention

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