Working with Children

I'm a mum to 3 children and I'm a therapist... my poor kids! 


I have a passion and skill in working with children to develop their independence, reduce anxiety and improve function.  I have completed specialist training in developmental co-ordination disorders, the Incredible Years Programme, Assessment of Motor and Processing Skills and Autism.

I have extensive experience working with children and families professionally, personally and through voluntary work.  My aim is to enable children to be confident, happy individuals with an ability to learn new skills.

Occupational therapy focuses on the task and develops a childs physical, emotional, social and psychological ability to achieve that task.  

For example, getting a spoon to your mouth is a complex variety of movements, thoughts, planning and preparation.  To even just lift the spoon needs action, reaction and interaction, disrupt one part of the process and the food won't get to your mouth.  Therapy focusses and teaches the skills necessary to complete actions to enable independence.